Russians told whether they need to warm up automatic transmission in winter 09:47

Warming the automatic transmission (automatic transmission) in winter will significantly increase the service life of the unit. In this respect reports “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, citing Vadim Strelbitsky, director of the mechanical repair department of Avilon Kia.

“In sub-zero temperatures, I strongly recommend spending about 3-5 minutes warming up the vehicle before driving. During this time, the oil will become more liquid, which will prevent damage to the automatic transmission and improve its performance,” said the auto expert.

According to Strelbitsky, you should not warm up the automatic transmission and engine for too long, as this can lead to increased fuel consumption and an increase in the level of harmful emissions. Recommendations not to heat the units are due entirely to environmental factors, although this may sometimes harm the service life of the unit.

It happened before that knownThe vehicle should not be filled with gasoline with an inappropriate octane number, which indicates the explosion resistance of the fuel. The preferred gasoline for a particular car is usually specified by its manufacturer. If you fill your vehicle with fuel with a low octane number, you may damage the engine.

Russians before in the name Basic problems of cars in cold weather.

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Source: Gazeta


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