Members of the AUE* action cell in Tyva brought to justice 10:01

In the Republic of Tyva, the Investigative Committee and FSB employees identified and prosecuted 52 participants in the Arrested Criminal Unity movement (AUE, recognized as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation). This has been reported press service RF IC.

The ministry stated that the leader of the structural unit in the Republic of Tyva since 2021 is Artysh Dazhyvaa. The Investigative Committee stated that it took on this task thanks to Ruslan Gegechkori, a Ukrainian citizen and thief in law.

The Investigative Committee added that Dazhyvaa recruited Choldugbai Mongush, Aldynkherel Kyrgyz and others as leaders of the movement’s cells. They imposed criminal ideology, hatred towards law enforcement officers on local residents and convicts and attracted newcomers to their ranks. And they used violence against those who disagreed with them. It was also stated that members of the unit transported drugs to prisons for leaders and participants of AUE cells.

The Investigative Committee added that 52 suspects in criminal cases were brought to justice, 46 of whom were detained.

Previously the court in the Khabarovsk Territory announced The verdict was given to a local resident who voluntarily joined the ranks of the terrorist organization “Russian Freedom” Legion (the organization is banned in Russia).

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Source: Gazeta


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