Expert Migal advised novice drivers not to buy a simplified Lada Granta

Lada Granta cars without airbags and ABS systems are not worth buying for novice drivers, declaration Denis Migal, CEO of the Fresh Auto car dealership network, to Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

“For drivers with no driving experience, it is better not to buy a simplified Lada Granta – without ABS, the risk of an accident increases, which prevents skidding during hard braking and allows you to maintain the controllability of the car.”

The expert stated that the absence of airbags further reduces confidence in the reliability of the car, but this is offset by its low cost.

Lada Granta model in a simplified Classic configuration got up in line this week. In such cars there is not only an anti-lock braking system (ABS) and an airbag for the driver, but also an ESP, ERA-GLONASS, seat belt pretensioners and an immobilizer. The price of cars starts from 658.3 thousand rubles.

Source: Gazeta


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