A deer on the road near Penza caused an accident that killed two people 13:41

A deer running onto the road near the village of Inderka in the Penza region caused an accident in which two people were injured. In this respect reported On the Telegram channel “Ministry of Forestry of the Penza Region”.

“Suddenly a deer jumped onto the road and fell under the wheels of a car, after which the deer hit another car. “Two drivers were injured in the accident.”

The accident occurred the night before. Photos taken from the scene show that the roof of one of the vehicles was broken.

Two passengers without seat belts previously in Yekaterinburg thrown From Land Rover after an accident. The driver of the SUV collided with the Kia at an intersection and then crashed into a city light pole. According to preliminary information, he went through a red light.

Previously Oryol traffic cops walked away from the path of a bull running away from its owner.

Source: Gazeta


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