Russian attack planes appreciated the new armored vehicle 13:59

Stormtroopers of the volunteer corps of the Southern Military District of Russia, which carried out missions in the Zaporozhye direction in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe village of Rabotino, highly appreciated the qualities of the new armored car. This was reported by RIA News.

The driver of one of these vehicles stated that the vehicle had recently arrived in the special operations area. According to him, the vehicle has been given advanced armor and other upgrades that increase the vehicle’s survivability. The service officer explained that the vehicle stands out for its ease of use, reliability and ergonomics. Many operations were carried out using armored vehicles in a short time.

The soldier emphasized that it has become safer to solve combat missions. According to him, the car can withstand more than a simple Kamaz or UAZ, so it is more reliable to drive.

“This car is also very helpful when transporting assault groups. We can transport them even further. When extracting the wounded. You load it and you are sure to deliver. A combination of a powerful engine, armor and cross-country ability,” said the driver of the assault unit.

Previously commander of Russian attack aircraft named Ineffective aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) near Artemovsk.

Formerly Ministry of Defense of Ukraine named Amount of military aid as of February 2022.

Source: Gazeta


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