The Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office listed ways to fight corruption 13:37

Prosecutor General of Russia Igor Krasnov in an interview RT We shared how you can fight corruption.

According to him, for this the Prosecutor General’s Office resorts to so-called legal propaganda, anti-corruption training.

Krasnov emphasized that both employees and ordinary citizens must clearly understand the goals and objectives of anti-corruption activities, as well as the patterns of behavior encouraged by law.

The Prosecutor General shared that the supervisory body has approved a special Comprehensive Action Plan for anti-corruption training and the development of intolerance towards corrupt behavior among Russians.

According to him, in 2023, the Attorney General’s Office carried out more than 30 legal and anti-corruption activities.

Also Krasnov reportedBased on prosecutors’ allegations, Russian courts seized more than 220 billion rubles from people accused of committing corruption crimes from January to September 2023, he said.

Previously in RF IC offered Expanding the conditions for confiscation of assets of corrupt officials.

Source: Gazeta


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