HE Palma Futsal received with all honors when you arrive on the island. HE Intercontinental Cup champion Presented the title of the best futsal team in the world to the President of the Government, Marga Prohens; his counterpart at the Consell de Mallorca, Llorenç Galmés, and the mayor of Palma, Jaime Martínez. Actually, Prohens himselfHe was declared a fan of the group managed by Antonio Vadillo. 3,300 subscribers subscribed to the club and did not hesitate to wear the jersey In commemoration of the great success achieved in Foz do Iguaçu by beating Libertadores de América champion Cascavel Futsal in a penalty shootout (3-3). After José Tirado, general manager of the pistachio green team, met with representatives of the island’s main institutions. an unusual moment. A few players Bruno Gomes, captain Carlos Barrón, Jesús Gordillo and Mario Rivillos, together with Tirado, provoked and provoked Prohens. the laughter of those present.

From Son Sant Joan, Palma Futsal heads to the center of Palma. Convertible bus to present the trophy to Ciutat residents. In addition, institutions organized An event starting at 12 noon at the Palau d’Esports in Son Moix, to commemorate the last world champion. Also at the event Marga Prohens’ existence has been confirmed. Llorenç Galmés and Jaime Martínez.

Three leaders plan to speeches in front of all staff Ciutat residents and fans who decided to participate in the event to be held at the track. The situation arises as follows Cort deputy mayor Javi Bonet was with Palma Futsal in the Ginásio Costa Cavalcante lodge As the corporate representative of the Brazilian city at such an important event for Palma sports. José Tirado, coach Antonio Vadillo and captain Carlos Barrón will also thank all the fans for their support.

The intention is The activity does not last more than an hour Due to the fatigue of the almost 24-hour journey that the players had accumulated after returning from Brazil, and also because they had a match against Ribera Navarra on Sunday, also in Son Moix.