The importer of SAIPA cars changed his mind about selling them in Russia 10:19 has learned that the Russian distributor of Iranian SAIPA cars, Best Motors LLC, has abandoned plans to sell these cars in Russia. The founders of the company decided to liquidate it.

“The economic situation has changed somewhat. At that time, the SAIPA brand was interesting with pricing and everything else. “And then it became irrelevant, economically unprofitable, that’s all,” Best Motors general director Alexander Stepanov told

According to Stepanov, due to the current exchange rate and increasing recycling fees, it would not be possible to sell SAIPA cars at the originally planned price.

“The price of the Iranian car should be 20-30% lower than the Chinese car, then that would be interesting,” said the chairman of Best Motors.

About why SAIPA could not enter the Russian market, To read In the material “”.

Source: Gazeta


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