Stocks of new cars in Russia could run out in two months

AutoNews columnist Mikhail Kononchuk visited the largest logistics terminal in the Moscow region and saidThere are about 10 thousand new cars on their site that Russian dealers can sell in a maximum of two months.

It is stated that new cars are mainly exhibited by three brands on terminal sites: Kia, Geely and Haval. All of them were released in Russia. As the browser suggests, these are the last cars assembled at Russian auto plants. Most of them have been discontinued due to lack of spare parts, no one knows when the next batch will be. Because of this, dealers are likely to declare some models scarce and raise prices.

Recall that at the end of February, economic sanctions were imposed on Russia, which also affected the automobile market. Therefore, it is officially prohibited to import electronic components and spare parts for automobile production into the country. Most automobile factories in the country had to suspend production. In addition, many foreign car brands have temporarily stopped the delivery of vehicles to Russia.

Previously reportedLexus has introduced the fifth generation RX crossover.

Source: Gazeta


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