this nard (Polyanthes tuberosa) It is one of the flowers preferred by brides for their bouquets. This plant (also known as vara de San José) is beautiful and aromatic white flowers He they will smell your whole house for weeks with a fresh and natural touch. Not in vain, the stem of this plant is used for its manufacture. perfumes and essential oils. If you want to enjoy it too natural aroma We’ll tell you how to grow it in your home. herb inside vase and the care it needs to develop properly.


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How to plant a tuberose at home

This plant can grow perfectly in pots and reach a height of one meter. The best time to sew at home is lunch. spring. You will need a large pot. good drainage system. The best soil for this plant is rich in nutrients) and a pH of 6 or 5-7.

Also, you should put it somewhere in the house. get direct sunlight and don’t forget to water it as it needs a lot of water.

Tuberose is grown from a bulb and is hot and humid environmentThe closest thing to the tropical climate from which it originates.

When do tuberoses bloom?

The flowers of the tuberose plant appear in late spring and are very long-lasting. Flowering continues until autumn.

tuberoses bloom in spring pixabay

How do you care for tuberose plants?

It is very important to pay attention to two aspects when keeping this plant at home: light and watering.

As we mentioned earlier, this flower needs a lot of sun because you should put it in a well-lit corner of the house.

As soon as you plant the flower, you should water it every other day. Maintain this dynamic for two months, which is the time it takes for the first shoots to appear. Then, space out waterings up to two or three times a week. It is very important that the roots do not hold water.

The best way to fertilize tuberose is to use a special fertilizer for bulbous plants. You should put it in twice a year.

This plant needs to be pruned and the best time of day to do this is first thing in the morning when the temperature is cooler and the plant is still retaining the moisture from the night.

When the leaves fade, you need to remove them so that the plant can focus its strength on the new leaves.