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ElectroUAZ: prices and features are mentioned


Each year, Electromobili Manufacturing RUS LLC plans to produce 1,000 electric SUVs based on the long-wheelbase UAZ Profi model.

According to the company, the car’s synchronous electric motor and power electronics are all Russian-made, as is the software.

EVM PRO, the name given to the model, has a gross weight of 3.5 tons and can carry up to one ton of cargo, travel up to 300 km on a single charge, even in cold weather. The fact is that the car has an autonomous climate system that runs on diesel fuel, and the battery charge will not be spent heating the cabin.

Also, the electric SUV is equipped with a 120 hp engine, which weighs only 50 kg, and a battery of 80 kWh, which costs less than 500 thousand rubles.

If you charge it for three hours via a conventional household network, the power reserve increases by 100 km. But according to statistics, vans, for example, drive 200 kilometers per day and do not need to be charged.

At the same time, the cost of running one kilometer will be more than twice cheaper than cars with internal combustion engines – about 6 rubles.

The cost of an electric UAZ called EVM PRO is 3.5 million rubles, of which the buyer can return 650 thousand thanks to state subsidies. As a result, the real price of the car will be about 2.85 million rubles. Production of EVM PRO will start this year and it will be possible to service these vehicles at official UAZ dealers.

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