Chinese Gazelle competitor on batteries offered in Russia

This year, compact electric trucks of the WOLV brand of the Chinese company Fengchuen will enter the Russian market. The cars are manufactured in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. FC25 will go on sale first. New Energy Motors (NEMO) of Nizhny Novgorod will supply and sell electric trucks to Russia.

Certification is scheduled to be completed by July of this year, the first cars will appear with customers in September, company representative Andrey Dorofeev told Sellers see markets, logistics companies and retail chains as their customers.

The minimum cost of a car is not disclosed in NEMO, which explains this with various individual customer requirements for the superstructures of cars. The cost of this truck in Europe according to Quto

35-40 thousand euros (about 2.4-2.7 million rubles).

Now in Russia, only the GAZelle NN model with a carrying capacity of 2.5 tons is represented in the electric LCV segment. Gasoline and diesel in Gazelles Business, which can take the same amount of cargo, will cost 1.5-2 million rubles.

At the same time, the volume of the cargo compartment of the WOLV FC25 is 5 cubic meters, and the load capacity is 800 kg. This is noticeably less than the Gazelle, but 160 kg more than the Largus. The length of the novelty is almost 4 meters, which is half a meter less than that of the Togliatti van.

The cabin of the FC25 electric truck is made of composite material. The car is driven by a 30 kW engine and 150 Nm of torque transmitted to the rear axle. The manufacturer claims that the charging time for a 30 kWh battery takes 5 hours (from 220V, 6.6 kW mains).

The list of options includes air conditioning and interior heater, airbag for the driver, power windows, rear view camera, electric power steering and stamped wheels. The FC25 has disc brakes, an independent MacPherson strut at the front and leaf springs at the rear.

FC25 – manufactured goods, it is planned to produce four modifications – isothermal, refrigerated and on board.

“We will import chassis into Russia that will be sent to the assembly lines of bodybuilders (bodybuilders) installing Russian-made superstructures,” says Andrey Dorofeev.

According to a spokesperson for the firm, bodybuilders will become manufacturers and obtain Vehicle Type Approval (OTTS) certificates and numbers from remanufacturers instead of Chinese VIN numbers.

Now NEMO is negotiating with local bodywork companies for the establishment of production. Dorofeev says these are “famous companies that produce thousands of pickup trucks.”

Depending on the demand, it is planned to sell 1,000 to 5,000 trucks per year.

NEMO is in talks to supply logistics companies and supermarkets with FC25 samples for testing. Live tests of the trucks are currently underway and are scheduled to be completed by July. Vehicle received light commercial truck (N1K) certification in Europe

The range declared by the Chinese manufacturer is 200 kilometers.

In a Russian company, based on their own testing, they assure that the numbers are correct. But the tests were carried out only with a car without cargo. Regarding the operation in Russia, NEMO said that they are interested in the capitals and southern cities.

The truck’s top speed is limited to 85 km/h but can be lowered even further. According to Dorofeev, some customers were interested in limiting the “maximum speed” to 60 km/h.

According to the calculations of the Russian company, the 5-year cost of ownership of an electric truck will be 2.72 million rubles. This is lower than Largus van (2.75 million) and Largus Prima (3.4 million).

The maximum truck battery life is estimated at 10 years. Talking about recycling of used batteries, NEMO expects to benefit from the services of a subsidiary of Rosatom, which plans to open the first Russian lithium-ion battery recycling plant in the Nizhny Novgorod region in 2024.

In the future, NEMO plans to bring other Wolv models to Russia (we are talking about trucks DV40 and DV45). But according to the company, the market is no longer ready for electric vehicles with larger payloads.

price bites

Sergey Burgazliev, an independent automotive industry consultant, said the innovation of the NEMO, which fits less cargo than the Gazelle, will cost much more than domestic LCVs.

“It will not compete with the domestic Lada.

In any case, at first. Everything will depend on the price. Such machines are inexpensive in China. I estimate that the electric truck will cost about 3 million rubles, ”the expert said in an interview with

Burgazliev believes that buyers of this model may experience a shortage of spare parts. That said, electric cars are much easier to maintain than cars with internal combustion engines or hybrid drives, he said.

You can repair it blindfolded in the Largus areas.

both original and non-original spare parts. “China’s electric car is for big cities,” he says.

The interlocutor also questioned the issue of a warranty for cars, given that they will receive VIN numbers for bodybuilders.

“If a bodybuilder gets himself an OTTS, how will the warranty issue be resolved? Who will be responsible if the car catches fire or even Tesla electric cars burn? If it is a product with a bodybuilder’s VIN number, it will be legally charged, ”says the expert.

The success of the venture depends on the price of the electric truck, agreed auto expert Igor Morzharetto. The operation of electric vehicles is sure to be very beneficial for companies that deliver goods in cities.

It is unknown whether Largus will be released.

It all depends on AvtoVAZ’s relationship with Renault, which is currently in limbo. The operation of an electric car is very beneficial in urban areas where the mileage is low,” added Morzharetto.

In the fall of 2022, sales of the Chinese electric truck WOLV FC25 will begin in Russia, and a Nizhny Novgorod company will transport and sell the cars. The characteristics of the compact model are better than domestic Lada minibuses, but its price will be higher than Gazelle,’s interlocutors.

Source: Gazeta


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