Luxury cars are imported into Ukraine in bulk as military aid

Alexander Shchutsky, First Deputy Head of the State Customs Service of Ukraine, announced this on the Ukrainian 24 TV channel DEA News”.

Since the beginning of the special military operation, the Ukrainian authorities canceled the tax on the import of cars into the country in order to quickly compensate for their shortcomings in the armed forces.

“It is actually turning into an epidemic. I can say that since the adoption of the zero customs law, around 80 thousand vehicles have been imported for their own use as of yesterday.”

According to him, around 30% of imported cars are premium class cars starting at 20,000 Euros and there has been an increase in this trend recently.

Shchutsky explained that imported cars create traffic jams for kilometers at the border, which hinders the supply of military goods, humanitarian aid and fuel, which in turn exacerbates the fuel crisis.

Previously reportedHe said that they started to confiscate cars with license plates of the Russian Federation and Belarus in Ukraine.

Source: Gazeta


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