Toyota collided head-on with a school bus in Buryatia14:07

A Toyota car crashed into a GAZ school bus on a highway in Buryatia, killing the driver and passenger of the car. In this respect reported On the Telegram channel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic.

According to the police, the driver of the Toyota Probox was leaving from Irkutsk. The bus was running without passengers.

“Passenger car driver and passenger, born in 1949 as a result of an accident. died at the scene The bus driver, born in 1943, and the passenger car were injured, ”says the report of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic.

In the Pribaikalsky district, where the accident occurred, a huge traffic jam accumulated and reverse traffic was arranged, clarifies Telegram channel “Inform the police”. Photo and video taken from the scene show the collision was head-on.

Earlier it was learned that a deer set off in the Leningrad region. provoked Head-on collision between Ford Focus and Skoda Octavia.

Source: Gazeta


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