Ideal for a summer cottage: CRF – electric enduro motorcycle

But the potential of such equipment, especially at the height of the summer season, can be very high. YouTube channel Review Machines talks about the new Chinese motorcycle CRF, which carefully disguises itself as a classic ICE enduro bike with an all-electric filling. And yes, as motorcycle connoisseurs have probably already noted, his name is “mimic” too.

However, it is not just a matter of deliberate disguise (there is even a decorative tank with a screw-on lid) and dimensions very close to enduro standards (for example, the seat height is very normal for a class of 86 cm) – the bike tries to be technically related to “real” motorcycles.

Unlike most electric counterparts, it has a 4-speed manual transmission and all controls will be familiar to motorcyclists. The car weighs only 100 kg – this is less than many analogues with internal combustion engines. The motor has a nominal power of 3000 watts, a 72-volt lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 40 amp-hours. The engine can be unscrewed before take-off, as usual, for a more spectacular start.

But why an electric bicycle from KP? In the enduro class, experts say, in sports competitions it is necessary – for explosive traction or off-road – to overcome particularly difficult obstacles. Under normal circumstances, the moment is sufficient, even when starting from the fourth. The measured maximum speed was 90 km/h – only slightly less than that of its classic 250 cc counterparts.

The brakes had plenty of grip and the suspension, according to a pro rider who ran the test, copes well with the tasks of everyday riding. It will only need to be completed for racing to handle jumps on the cross country track. Off-road water is not particularly afraid – the motor, battery and controller come with factory seal.

Well, what about the power reserve? Charging from a regular outlet took 8 hours. Note that during the measurements, the weather was windy, which of course affected the result. When driving in fourth gear at a speed of 40-50 km/h on a flat asphalt road, the charge was enough for almost 3 hours, during which we managed to cover 62 km. Not so bad!

Of the minuses – except the faded instrument screens and the lack of lighting. However, the price can also deter: before the rise in exchange rates, CRF cost 500 thousand rubles, by the time the video was shot – about 700 rubles. But the technique is of course very interesting – and it will certainly help to avoid conflicts with neighbors in the country if you like riding a motorcycle over rough terrain.

  • Well, since we’re talking about the confrontation between the combustion engine and electric traction, the same testers have previously changed the off-road vehicle’s engine to electric.
  • “Driving” can be read in Viber.

Video: Youtube / Review Machines

Source: Z R


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