How much you can save if you fix your car outside of Moscow We explained why car repair in Moscow is more expensive than by region, in consultation with car service specialists, was convinced that the prices for car repair in the regions are in some cases lower than in the largest cities of Russia. For example, repairing a seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf transmission hundreds of kilometers from Moscow will cost much less than in the capital.

In other words, one of the most common problems with the DSG robotic transmission (DQ200) used in many models of the Volkswagen Group is related to the clutch and flywheel.

In Moscow car services, the replacement of these units will cost 90-100 thousand rubles, and the workshop specialists, for example, in Cheboksary, are ready to solve the problem for 70 thousand rubles.

Prevention of the Volkswagen Passat B7 engine in Moscow – decoding the engine for deep cleaning of parts from soot and other deposits – costs up to 25 thousand rubles in Moscow. Such a cost was disclosed to a correspondent in one of the capital’s car services, in the other – the work was estimated at 16 thousand rubles, and in a technical center in Vladimir – only 3 thousand rubles.

At the same time, not all work can be done by soldiers from the provinces.

Representatives of two services from Vladimir and Nizhny Novgorod did not even consider the repair or replacement of mechatronics (control module for DSG transmission systems) of the Audi A4 generation B8 due to the complexity of the work. And in Voronezh and Cheboksary this service will cost the same amount as in Moscow – about 70 thousand rubles.

good if close

Reader Dmitry, who traveled from Moscow to Kazan to modernize the Audi A3 headlights, told about his experience in car service tourism. He spent three days and more than two full tanks of gas on his journey.

According to the car owner, the factory paid about 22 thousand rubles to replace xenon lenses with LED lenses, and in the capital he would have to spend at least twice as much (the cost of lenses, all the work is dismantling parts, disassembling and sealing headlights, repair of the DRL control unit, etc.).

cheap labor

Jan Haytseer, vice-president of the National Automobile Association (NAU), said that the difference in repair costs in Moscow and the regions is explained by the lower salaries in the organizations that make up the Russian Federation.

According to him, the cost of spare parts in Russia is the same, in the country it can be a little more, the price of diagnostic equipment and tools is the same. He is confident that the car owner is unlikely to go on a trip for minor repairs.

“The road will require gas, food and accommodation costs, which will offset any savings in repairs.

If the work costs 10 thousand rubles, it is definitely not worth going ”

Heitzer says.

He recommends that drivers should thoroughly study the offers of all services in their city before embarking on a long journey. According to the interlocutor, the skills of the craftsmen in the regions are no worse than in the big cities, but in an effort to offer a low price, they can save on materials.

“People used to go to Belarus, where it was much cheaper to paint cars. I know of other cases when they went to Smolensk for painting.

Most often, when a person tries to save money, the opposite happens,

Heitzer warns.

Alexander Pakhomov, chairman of the board of the Auto Service Association, assures that the benefit of repairs in the regions is associated with the installation of cheaper analogues of Chinese spare parts, and in Moscow they install parts from good manufacturers.

“The cost of spare parts has increased everywhere, but the labor cost has remained the same in the same Cheboksary. Spare parts prices are the same everywhere, but service prices are lower there. Perhaps for the sale of this or that spare part, the distributor has reduced its margin there, ”Pakhomov suggested.

The source says that some drivers go to the regions only because they have found a narrow specialist there, ready to solve their complex problems. Sometimes car service tourism is simply associated with good relations, the chairman of the Auto Service Association board is sure.

“As soon as the vehicle owner finds a service person with whom he has a trust relationship, he will go to him.

Recently, I was at a car service in Obninsk, where a person from Moscow came to paint a car, because he knows the owner of the service and trusts only him, ”explains Pakhomov.

Another acquaintance of Pakhomov from Moscow went to Maloyaroslavets to care. The fact is that there is a master who previously worked at an Audi dealership in the capital, but moved. Pakhomov noted that the driver’s family developed a very good relationship with this specialist, so they went to him for maintenance.

Complex repairs of car components in the regions of Russia are much cheaper than in the capital. Drivers can save tens of thousands of rubles and simultaneously visit another city. Read more about car service tourism – in the material “”

Source: Gazeta


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