In Belarus, traffic police caught the driver of the minibus carrying passengers drunk 18:20

In the village of Lelchitsy in the Gomel region of Belarus, traffic police inspectors stopped the driver of the Mercedes-Benz minibus, which was carrying passengers on the route while intoxicated. About reported “Sozhsky outpost” on the Telegram channel.

“During the verification of the documents, the traffic police claimed that the driver was drunk and invited the man to the official vehicle for examination. Suspicions confirmed,” the message says.

In the driver’s examination, 0.85 ppm alcohol was found in the air he breathed. The man who took passengers to Mozyr at the stop denied that he had been drinking alcohol at work. He refused to be examined while being taken to the hospital.

Police teams took an administrative report about the driver and the minibus was sent to a private parking lot.

Previously, the police in the Leningrad region arrested A 36-year-old theft suspect who was previously charged with drunk driving.

Source: Gazeta


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