Insurers warn Russians against car purchase scam 13:10

In Russia, a car theft scheme has gained popularity, in which scammers gain trust and persuade the victim to buy a rental car, and then steal it. Nikolai Filatov, deputy head of the department responsible for organizing the work of the regions of the Reso-Garantia security department, told

“A typical situation is when a scammer gets into the trust of citizens and persuades them to buy a car on loan to rent later if necessary to earn extra money. Then the victims themselves give the scammer the keys to a brand new car, and he kidnaps him and hides, ”said Filatov.

In 2022, several scammers appeared in the south of Russia, acting according to this plan. The man found potential victims through his wife, who works at a beauty salon. Together they offer the customer the opportunity to buy a new car in the region and drive it to Moscow or St. They talked about the commercial benefits of renting in St. Petersburg.

“They convinced the customer to buy a premium brand car on loan and arrange a comprehensive insurance policy for it. A man allegedly gave his new acquaintance a new rental car to join in making a profit. After the transfer of the car, the new acquaintance stopped communicating, ”the interlocutor shared.

Scammers find new ways to deceive citizens when buying and selling cars, and continue to use old methods proven to still deceive drivers. For more information about schemas used by scammers, see scammers. material “”.

Source: Gazeta


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