Actor Denis Matrosov divorced his second wife after seven years of marriage13:11

The star of the TV series “Two Fates” and “Carmelita” Denis Matrosov divorced his second wife, Olga, after seven years of marriage. as he wrote “StarHit” referring to the actor, his ex-wife and six-year-old son Fedor will live in Podolsk.

“Yes, we were divorced, the court determined the place of residence of Fedya with my mother and my order of communication with the child. Pretty standard: weekends plus sometimes weekdays. We are in constant communication with Fedya, ”Matrosov said.

According to the source, the court granted the wishes of both spouses: Olga demanded alimony from her ex-husband, and Matrosov asked for the opportunity to see the child. The artist also pays alimony for his 11-year-old son Ivan from Maria Kulikova.

It was noted that Olga filed for divorce, but in fact Matrosov was the initiator of the separation.

Previously reported About the beginning of Matrosov’s divorce proceedings.

Source: Gazeta


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