AvtoVAZ told why manual transmission is better than automatic transmission

In the official accounts of the Lada brand, a message appeared “5+ in mechanics …”, which talks about the advantages of a manual transmission. The author writes that although the automatic transmission is considered more comfortable and prestigious, the manual transmission has its advantages. The following is a list, we give it briefly:

  • simplicity and reliability;
  • the ability to save fuel;
  • efficiency on a bad road;
  • driving pleasure.

In the finale, we are reminded that in recent years AVTOVAZ has improved its manual transmission – obviously we mean the VAZ-2180 for front-wheel drive models.

The manufacturer introduced a cable drive and a new shifting mechanism, less noise and vibration, less oil consumption and minimal risk of leakage.

  • According to the president of AVTOVAZ, Maxim Sokolov, the automatic transmission on Lada cars will appear no earlier than in the spring of 2024.
  • “Behind the Wheel” can be seen on RuTube.

Source: Z R


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