We were told what kind of car repairs you can do yourself

A car owner can do some maintenance and repair work on his car if he has the necessary skills, said Yang Heizeer, vice president of the National Automobile Union. You can change the brake pads and oil, but only if you don’t have to reset a computer error afterward.

It is better not to carry out complex manipulations with the engine, gearbox, controls, brakes, that is, with what affects road safety. After all, even car mechanics have a certain specialization, because modern cars are very complex.

Complex repairs require not only high qualifications, but also special equipment. Those motorists who are well versed in technology themselves, that also applies, the car expert knows for sure.

Do not train in your own car. Of course, you can watch a video on the Internet and replace a light bulb or an interior detail. But a complex repair based on the videos you watched YouTube can cause further damage.

Even replacing wheels is best done in the workshop, according to the expert. You can of course throw away the rubber from the disc and put a new one on, but chances are you will damage the disc, and now most have molded and expensive tires. Well, balancing the wheel without a machine will not work. Therefore, it is better to contact the tire shop.

Source: RIA Novosti
Photo: Depositphotos

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