Applicants have completed their projects for the “IV National Independent Video Game Awards”.

Experienced by the video game industry big changes in recent years with the expansion of a new product category: titles independent. But what exactly are they? And how have they transformed this industry? “Indie” game, which is short for “independent video game”, interactive entertainment program It was designed and developed by one person or a small group of people, without the technical and financial support of an external publisher.

Because games don’t have ultra-advanced graphics and their resources are often very scarce, indie developers focus their attention on planes like innovation or retro style. Reach your target audience. These projects have existed since the beginning of this young industry, but thanks to technological advances, online distribution, crowdfunding projects and different competitions that opened up an interesting showcase, they have now become very common choices among gamers and some games like ‘Undertale’. ‘Cuphead’, ‘Celeste’, ‘Stardew Valley’, ‘To the Moon’ and others have become truly profitable ideas.

great opportunity

If all of the above sounds familiar to you, you’ve been through a lot by now. By now you will learn about game engines, watch hundreds of interviews with famous developers, learn a little about graphic art, sound art, project management and design, among other things. Along the way, you have opened and closed partnerships that have been perceived as successful and have overcome all the ups and downs of development. However, after much effort and dedication, it’s finally time to present your business to the world. Maybe it’s a very simple PC game or a game designed for mobile. It doesn’t matter, you’ve come to the end of a great journey and now another destination opens: maximum number of people to play. Without support, you know, a nearly impossible task.

With this premise, another season is held at the hands of Product Madness, the “IV National Independent Video Game Awards”. An initiative of the National Digital Content Pole of Malaga focused on the most alternative industry segment, not only in Andalusia, but also in Spain and the rest of the world. Specifically, they 150 apps with 178 video games it was presented only in 2021 and in addition to the previous two editions, a total of more than 400 plays were exhibited in this competition. Submissions do not only come from the national field, some works from other countries such as Italy or Argentina have already been registered.

The event for this fourth edition of Indie Games Málaga grows with new features compared to previous versions. For example, finalist games will now be able to interview investors – who want to do so. In addition to the final award ceremony, a technical conference will be held that will bring together the big names in the industry. Most interestingly, anyone interested can try out the finalist video games in the “Demo Area” that will be set up on the opening gala day.

In which categories can I participate?

projects open to teams or individually One or more of the four categories available for competition include: Mobile – the best Product Madness mobile game; PC/Consoles; Technology/XR; Accessible Video Game and Best Video Game – Accesit, categories with prizes ranging from €2,000 to €4,000. To give you an idea, the “Ugly” title for PC and Consoles from Barcelona studio “Team Ugly”, as well as self-proclaimed, is the latest edition of its category. The winner was named best independent 2021, for which he received a total of 6,000 euros.

National Center for Digital Content – Malaga

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