Elixir Permission: Become the best chemist and heal the inhabitants of the Moonbury area

The latest title from MassHive Media and PQube this week is an interesting life simulator called ‘.Elixir Permit‘ puts us in the shoes of a chemist in the picturesque and vibrant town of Moonbury. We will join the mayor’s calls to help citizens with their ailments, including his own daughter, who has been very ill for some time.

life simulation

‘The Elixir Permit’ is a simulator and therefore suggests real everyday situations for a village chemist/pharmacist. The residents of Moonbury are sick and it will be your job to heal them.. To do this, the mayor offers a home in the ruins, our future base of operations, and encourages us to meet other residents. A calm and very enjoyable production where trust in different citizens is key. To heal the residents, you must first get to know them well and earn their trust. Most are reluctant to interact in the early stages of the game, but they will gradually open up because they need a diagnosis and our solutions to heal.

The love of residents will increase after talking to them every day. Through the story, we will gradually discover what happened to the contracted chemists and the reason for their shyness at the beginning of the adventure. But it’s not all based on diagnosing patients, gathering resources, and creating the potions in our huge cauldron, but one thing to consider is making friends is really important.

Friends forever

It’s one of the most striking parts of the game, because it allows us to explore different stories and form wonderful friendships (and romances) with the residents. To know where our friendship is, we can sometimes resort to a measuring device that is blocked until it is complete. a specific side quest with the hero in question. Communicating with the characters every day is very important because gradually we will gain confidence, learn more about their stories and empathize as we identify them.

You will also have to complete quests, treat patients and explore the entire environment to find new materials. Patients will come to our dilapidated house every day and be diagnosed there with a simple mini-game, which will then lead us to create the option they need. You can also pick up tasks from a bulletin board. It invites us to deliver mail, collect grapes and fish, and fun mini-challenges to earn some cash, among others.

The dangers of the pharmacist

Once the specific potion has been determined, it’s time to get the different ingredients. Some will be found all over the world, but others will only be accessible by defeating some enemies. Here we should emphasize that each component is connected to an element: fire, water, earth and airrestricts the crafting options on each potion.

Moonbury’s surroundings are a wonderful maze, but the feeling of finding new elements of adventure is as enjoyable as it is exciting. The higher our level, the more materials we will get when collecting trees or rocks. Most potions consist of the same substance. so it’s no surprise that we fetch the same resource multiple times.

Nor can we forget the wide variety of enemies the delivery offers. Monsters, in most cases, need a specific mechanic to deal with them. We’re going to have to be careful because if we stray off the road, a lot of them will hit us, and we’ll be in serious trouble if they run out of life points.

pixel colors

The world suggested by ‘The Elixir Permit’ is a colorful place full of life and nuances. Don’t be fooled by the pixelated graphics style, it’s a pleasure to play throughout the game. Also, depending on whether it’s day or night, the zones change as time goes on. When the lights of Moonbury streets are lit, the colors of the sunset make the journey more enjoyable. The title is complemented by a quiet soundtrack that technically fits like a glove, soothing music that makes us feel at home.


‘The Elixir Permit’ presents an interesting story that invites you to share it with the little ones at home. It’s a quiet game full of stories, solid and very emotional moments. Allowing players to bond with citizens has been successful as it provides a warm environment that invites empathy throughout the adventure. The requirement is reasonable and the puzzles are not created with conscientious solutions. In a few words: a beautiful experience that takes us to a place where you will feel like your own virtual home with its music and sunsets.

Elixir Permission – Potions Guide

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