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Pavel Durov complains that the new version of Telegram is checked by App Store moderators for a long time


Pavel Durov criticized the long app moderation process in the AppStore. socialbites.ca became aware of this new Post it on the businessman’s Telegram channel.

Durov said he and his team truly love their work and are eager to improve the way hundreds of millions of people around the world communicate. But this is often hampered by the vague “verification processes” imposed on all mobile apps by the monopolies represented by Apple and Google.

“For example, our upcoming update, which is set to revolutionize the way people express themselves through messaging, has been left in Apple’s ‘review’ for two weeks with no explanation or any feedback from them,” said the founder of Telegram.

At the same time, Durov sympathized with the authors of applications with a smaller audience than Telegram. According to him, delays in the release of new versions not only demoralize developers, but also cause financial damage to hundreds of thousands of mobile applications worldwide.

“This doesn’t factor in the 30% tax that Apple and Google say they have to pay for the resources Apple and Google charge app developers for the resources needed to test apps,” Durov said.

Formerly socialbites.ca WroteThat Telegram has the ability to turn on the ban on receiving voicemails.

Source: Gazeta



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