The Zaporozhye administration announced that the spotter for the attacks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on Melitopol was detained.

Vladimir Rogov, member of the main council of the administration of the Zaporozhye region telegram channel He announced that a person who corrected the attacks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (APU) in Melitopol was detained.

“This character was immediately detained by our special services and confessed to the terrorist activities of the Zelensky militants,” he wrote, adding a video with the detainee.

As Rogov points out, the man in the attached video now continues to “repent” and is also cooperating with the investigation.

Formerly Rogov reported About the shelling of the APU of the city of Tokmak.

Also, he called Kyiv authorities recall the words of Alexander Nevsky before the attack on the liberated areas of southern Ukraine.

22 July American newspaper The New York Times WroteKyiv plans to launch a counterattack in southern Ukraine to regain control of Kherson.

Source: Gazeta


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