Russian fans of Dota 2 have been offered a way to enter The International for free

Russian esports club told that it has begun casting for the Dota 2 home discipline: majors and The International.

It is stated that a Dota 2 fan will receive interviews and prepare special projects within as a presenter. According to the selection criteria, candidates will face a series of tests that will be published on the official community, and the fans of the club will participate in the selection of the best of the best along with the players of the team.

According to, as part of the selection, candidates for the host role will go with the club’s players to shoot videos at training camps. Three video works will be released in the final round. Among them, the leader of in Dota 2 will be determined according to the voting results of the audience.

Russian player of Entity Dota 2, Ivan “Pure” Moskalenko refused issuing a US visa.

In 2021, the Russian team Team Spirit won The International – Dota 2 world title.In the final of the tournament, the team defeated the Chinese club PSG.LGD with a score of 3:2. Then Team Spirit won more than $18.2 million in prize money for the tournament.

Source: Gazeta


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