Microsoft will start taking money from Windows 10 users 20:55

Microsoft announced the cost of expanding Windows 10 operating system support under the Extended Security Updates (ESU) program. In this respect reports Neowin portal.

Official support for the Windows 10 operating system will end on October 14, 2025. Corporate and casual users will be able to continue using this operating system and even receive security patches through the ESU program, but they will have to pay for it. Enterprise customers will have to pay Microsoft $61 per computer each year. The cost of extending support to regular users has not yet been announced.

It was noted that the ESU program will be valid for three years, and then those who decide to participate will be asked to pay the fee for the previous periods. Windows 365 subscribers will be able to use the ESU, which includes the program, free of charge for one year.

Microsoft emphasizes that the ESU program should be considered as a temporary solution before switching to more current systems.

Previously reportedusers began to abandon Windows 11 in favor of the old operating system.

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Source: Gazeta


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