Reasons for Microsoft canceling Xbox Game Pass subscriptions revealed

Microsoft has confirmed that it has canceled subscriptions for Xbox Game Pass users who bought from scammers using the error. About informs Online edition of DTF.

It was noted that on June 16, some Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers received an email from Microsoft stating that they had to return their subscription. Now, on June 18, Microsoft announced that the company had discovered a group of vendors that bundled multiple Game Pass trial subscriptions and, through a bug, turned them into Game Pass Ultimate.

The company emphasized that such an action is a violation of the service contract. Users were encouraged to purchase subscriptions to the service from the Microsoft store or verified retailers. Victims’ accounts will not be blocked.

It was not reported how many users could be affected by the scam scheme.

One of the Game Pass vendors confirmed to DTF that the subscription was canceled from unofficial vendors who signed up in October-November 2021 – some used a keyed bug for three-month trial access to the service and converted to the Ultimate version.

Formerly saidgame designer Hideo Kojima announced that he is working on an Xbox game powered by Microsoft technology.

Source: Gazeta


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