Beaver caused massive internet outage

Beaver accidentally left 14 Canadian cities without internet for eight hours after it unsuccessfully gnawed at a tree. message about it seen On the Metro website.

According to the publication, the animal gnawed at the trunk of a poplar and then fell, breaking the fiber optic cables of telecommunications provider Telus.

Although usually such wires are laid underground, in this particular case they were stretched between the posts due to the marshy terrain, which did not allow them to be reliably hidden in the soil.

It was noted that the internet disappeared for eight hours in at least 14 small towns due to the work of the beaver. First of all, in this situation, store owners who lost the ability to accept non-cash payments suffered.

“I wouldn’t be a millionaire if I was paid five cents for every beaver deduction, but I must say this is not the first time,” said one of the experts working on the restoration of the Internet.

Metro journalists reminded that in the same region of Canada – British Columbia – in 2021, a beaver broke the cable with its teeth, leaving about 900 people without internet.

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Source: Gazeta


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