USA launches rocket with first South Korean spy satellite 02:43

The Falcon 9 launch vehicle, carrying the first reconnaissance satellite for the South Korean armed forces, was launched in the USA. The publication was carried out on the company’s website SpaceX.

It was noted that the launch took place from the Vandenberg Space Center in California. The rocket carries a total of 25 satellites, including South Korea’s 425. Falcon 9 will also launch Ireland’s first research satellite, EIRSAT-1, into orbit.

425 will be South Korea’s first military reconnaissance satellite. It is equipped with infrared and electro-optical sensors. Seoul plans to launch four more vehicles into orbit using SpaceX rockets by 2025.

Before that, Sergei Tsybin, one of the creators of the orbital spacecraft “Buran” criticized flights with reusable rockets. According to him, flying on a launch vehicle with a reusable block, such as the Falcon 9 or the Super Heavy of the American company SpaceX, is associated with possible risks.

Putin before to meet Kim Jong-un is at the Vostochny Cosmodrome.

Source: Gazeta


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