Aven Colony, Super Meat Boy and more: Discover Games With Gold for June 2022

Microsoft has announced the list of games that will be offered to its subscribers for free. xbox live gold. Get ready because this is for the month of June.street colony‘,’Project Highrise: Architect’s Edition‘,’super meat boy‘TO’raskulls‘. You can now use titles directly from the console or via a browser. You can browse the dates below, learn about their features, and browse the games:

  • ‘Aven Colony’ (Xbox One): Available June 1 – 30

  • ‘Project Highrise: Architect’s Edition’ (Xbox One): Available from June 16 to July 15

  • ‘Super Meat Boy’ (Xbox 360): Available June 1-15

  • ‘Raskulls’ (Xbox 360): Available June 16-30

street colony

Build a world and a new life for humanity as your job will be in the strange new Aven Prime. Use construction drones to transform your small settlements into big cities. But beware, this will not be an easy task. This exotic planet is filled with deserts, tundra and forests, strange forms of extraterrestrial life, and everything will freeze as winter approaches. Manage growing population using multiple tiers mod for crops, citizens, happiness, water and more. Life is hard, but the future can be bright if you reach the Aven Colony.

Project Highrise: Architect’s Edition

You are the architect and the great metropolis is ready for you. Develop majestic and sparkling skyscrapers that will be the talk of the town. But a skyscraper is more than steel and concrete, it’s a vibrant ecosystem teeming with residents and workers. Make sure everything runs smoothly using your logistics skills. Seduce and engage businesses, residents, tourists, convention attendees and more in 29 stages of challenge. The city is waiting for you.

super meat boy

You are not just a piece of meat. You are Super Meat Boy and will do anything to save your beloved little lady (wholly covered in bandages) in distress. Jump through caves and walls while avoiding saws and needles in this platform game. Dive deep into Hell in epic boss fights as you progress through over 300 single-player levels.


Get ready for a Raskulls Megaquest covering 3 chapters and over 60 levels. Use your block breaker wands to pass all the levels as fast as you can. Dive into this fun and interesting platform game full of intergalactic pirates and cheese.

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