THQ Nordic has confirmed Destroy All Humans’ debut plans! 2: Failed

After the update of the first game released in 2020, ‘Destroy All Humans! 2: FailedIt confirms it will launch on August 30 on PC and the latest generation consoles. The new video game is also an adaptation of the series’ second success released for PS2/Xbox in 2006, and the previous project, ‘Reprobed’, was developed from the ground up with existing technologies. If you haven’t mentioned THQ Nordic’s gameplay for previous generation consoles, it’s because they don’t really understand it.


For PC and current generation consoles only

It is clear from the developer that the delivery aims to offer a larger and more detailed world without sacrificing any elements that would be averaged over the previous generation. “It was a tough decision for everyone,” says Stefan Schmitz of Black Forest studio, one of the game’s directors and responsible for development at THQ Nordic. He assures himself that it is better to “leave the old generation, move forward in optimizing time and give the team this time to create a bigger world and a better combat experience.”

In any case, ‘Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed’ will retain the main narrative features of the original game from 2006, which takes us back to the 1960s. The KGB destroys Crypto’s mothership and seeks revenge in devastating places like the United States, United Kingdom, Soviet Union, Japan. and even his extreme anger will reach the moon. It turns out that THQ Nordic has completely overhauled the game using Unreal Engine 4 and adding new features.

alien power

“Show these hippies who’s boss using classic weapons like Meteor Showers and new technology; Explore the World of the 60s and unload your spaceship to all its cities; protect yourself from those who want to hinder your mission; Gather people from different countries and turn them into DNA cocktails to increase your skills; invite your friends to play and enjoy the story in collaborative split screen” animates the text accompanying the video announcing the release date that we invite you to see below

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