Instagram will let you crop and customize post previews

Instagram working on a new feature that will allow users to customize previews in the ‘feed’ of their posts so they can show their followers a specific part of the cropped photo.

Currently, the social network provides a preview of images and videos by framing the middle part of these files and does not allow users to customize the thumbnail, only add or remove white margins. After accessing the ‘Edit’ and ‘Setup’ menu, move photo and adjust content A grid can also be used to help frame the Picture you want to fit in the frame.

For videos, you can only choose one of the following: borderless optionfor automatic frame setting or include them. This way the broadcast will show all content, whether recorded horizontally or vertically.

However, reverse engineering expert Alessandro Paluzzi change in the way thumbnails of previously released images are displayed He shared a screenshot on his Twitter account. In it, you can see in your profile’s ‘feed’ a personalized cut of an image that shows a specific part of it, without guessing in the thumbnail other elements that appear in the original photo.

Once the customization option is selected, the legend ‘Hold to pan and scale desired area’ is added to a grid placed at the bottom of the interface and above the image.

On the other hand, Paluzzi confirmed that Instagram is also working on a project. Option that allows uploading images with an aspect ratio of 9:16, so that vertical photos can be fully displayed. At this time, the company has not confirmed whether or when these functions will soon reach the global public.

Source: Informacion


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