New subscription format PS Plus comes out with controversy over its rates

While expected to be implemented in Europe, something that will happen in the early hours of 22-23 June 2022, new subscription format playstation plus begins its journey in different markets Asian countries such as Hong Kong and Taiwan (except Japan). Now that we have users commenting on the features of the service and marketing aside, first complaints about subscription methods. And it seems that, among other things, pricing policy Sony he gets angry to its customers.

PS Plus subscribers in countries where the service has already been renewed are complaining of two major issues: PSN does not allow you to upgrade your account for a shorter period of time if you have accumulated subscriptions.. On the other hand, update cancels the promotions used retroactively. in the past. Let’s explain both cases better:

First experiences with the service

In the first case, players report that they can only update their PS Plus account at the rate of the period you have accumulated, and this does not allow you to choose to reduce conditions. With the change, those who already subscribe to the service automatically become ‘PS Plus Essential’ subscribers. To enjoy the library’s catalog of games, you need to upgrade to more expensive formats like ‘PS Plus Extra’ or ‘PS Plus Deluxe’. But if you have accumulated subscriptions for the next two years, for example, you cannot upgrade to a premium subscription model for only one year. You have to buy both at the same time.

In the latter case, those who buy their existing PS Plus subscriptions at some kind of discount. It seems that Sony, in addition to the standard upgrade, charges the amount in the user account retroactively at a “discount”. A third point worth noting, they point out, is that there are multiple versions of the same game in the catalog or in different languages, which greatly inflates Sony’s offer for a catalog of ‘400+ games’. There is no need to explain the moods of those who are first affected, or even those who think about it. initiate a class action against the company.

New subscription models

In June, the PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscription models will merge into a new PlayStation Plus service. new options in three levels. Below, we outline three subscription methods:

At the moment there is a repeat of what PlayStation Plus has to offer, namely: two downloadable games per month; discounts; Cloud storage and online multiplayer access for saved games. The price will not change for members of this level: € 8.99 per month.

It includes all the benefits of the ‘Basic’ level and adds a catalog of up to 400 games for PS4 and PS5. At this level, games can be downloaded. Price: 13.99 € per month.

Add all the benefits of the ‘extra’ tier plus up to 340 more games, including cloud streaming PS3 games. A catalog of streaming and downloadable classics from the original PlayStation, PS2 and PSP. This tier also includes access to limited-time game trials. Price: € 16.99 per month.

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