Published photo of an unknown Apple gadget

Tony Fadell, former senior vice president of Apple and co-creator of the iPod, posted a photo of unknown versions of the iPod nano that were never put into production. This has been reported 9to5Mac.

It is noted that the picture shows six different modifications of the iPod nano. According to Fadell, these were 3D-printed prototypes of the device. The company’s former top executive explained that they can be held, but they do not perform any player functions.

One model is a full-screen iPod nano without a scroll wheel and other buttons. In this regard, the iPhone was compared with the smartphone. There are still bezels around the screen, but there’s no notch on the top that smartphones use for the front camera and Face ID. The full-screen iPod nano remained unreleased, a more classic version of the player was chosen.

Former analysts said About Apple’s plans to install its own 5G modem in the iPhone 15 to reduce its dependence on Qualcomm and cut costs.

Source: Gazeta


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