Dressing for speed in Super Mario and sheer debauchery in Fallout. Top 5 Weird Ways to Become a Speedrunner in Fallout, Super Mario: Odyssey and Other Games March 25, 2023, 08:06

sleep no matter what

Fallout: New Vegas is a spin-off of Fallout 3, which was released in 2010. The spin-off differs from the number part in its sincerity: there is much less room, but quite a lot of character. Eight of them are single – meaning they can engage in romantic and sexual relationships.

Speedrunners (players who play speed games – socialbites.ca) quickly learned how to get Fallout: New Vegas to the end credits, first at 15 and then in a little over 10 minutes. Therefore, they began to invent challenges for themselves, which later turned into official sprint categories.

One of them was a walkthrough where you got to sleep with all the singles in the game as quickly as possible.

Current world record amount He is American under the pseudonym Elongated_Musketun. In 21 minutes 49 seconds, he managed to get into the pants of all available characters. Speedrunner founded it just seven months ago, almost three years after the category was introduced.

Of course, to sleep with all eight heroes in such a short amount of time, the speedrunner had to exploit the game’s mistakes.

striptease game

Super Mario: Odyssey is the newest flagship game in the racing, platforming and other genre series based on the famous mustachioed plumber Mario. Like Dendy’s classic game, the new Odyssey is a platform game. In it you have to jump and run a lot, periodically fighting hostile creatures and bosses.

In sight Super Mario: Odyssey is a classic, colorful Nintendo game with doll-like graphics for all ages.

In fact, it has huge sprinter potential – people optimize their routes by milliseconds and pixels to break records in the transition to end credits.

At one point doing this became so difficult that players began to find categories with much less competition. Perhaps the most bizarre of them all is that Mario has to scrape up to the nipples as quickly as possible.

This category is called Nipple (“Nipple”).

Despite the promising explanations, the terms are actually pretty bland. The player needs to collect 1,000 coins as quickly as possible and spend them to purchase boxer shorts for Mario, which are sold in one of the starting locations called “The Kingdom of the Sands”.

Register in this category amount American under the pseudonym heytherecool. He managed to undress Mario in just 7 minutes and 25 seconds. In total, there are more than 700 participants in the registration table for today.

hands on the table

Barney’s Hide and Seek is a very old game that was released on Sega Mega Drive in 1993. The project is based on the educational program for children of the same name broadcast on American television.

As in the series, the main character in the game is the pink dinosaur Barney. He has to go through five levels with different biomes and collect all his kid friends.

Since Barney’s Hide and Seek targets the smallest, it has very primitive controls and conditions that do not allow the hero to lose.

Speedrunners are people with a sense of humor. Sometimes they like to create a funny cult out of a ridiculous retro game. Barney’s Hide and Seek has a special place in this niche because it has a mode that allows you to complete the game without using a controller. It is necessary so that children can simply watch the animation. Of course, the sprinters decided to hold a competition in this mode as well. Category Controller is called No.

But how can you compete in a game where the player can’t affect anything? Very simple. Each time you start the game in autoplay mode, Barney the dinosaur will randomly drop one of five obstacle course choices. Only one is run faster by the computer than the other four. However, by sorting through the tracks, you can achieve a result of only 9 minutes and 19 seconds. But fast runners were able to improve this result as well.

the best right now conclusion In the No Controller category – 9 minutes 9 seconds. But it can be obtained by taking the original cartridge with the game and running it on the original Sega Mega Drive of a particular region.

Some dialogues and animations in this kit play a little faster in the game.

Hell Chief

The Legends of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild is an action-adventure game set in Nintendo’s open fantasy world. Breath of the Wild has many different game mechanics: you can climb rocks, fly gliders, fish and more.

However, the game has one feature that players love more than others – cooking.

Breath of the Wild contains over 100 recipes that require different ingredients and combinations to make them. Not all of them roll under their feet, of course, so sprinters have seen strong competitive potential in their collections and cooking.

So far, Not All Recipes have been listed in the Breathe of the Wild category, but the community is actively discussing its inclusion. The stumbling block is that some Amiibo figurines (collectible Nintendo figurines – socialbites.ca that give various bonuses on certain games when connected to a game console) allow players to immediately pick up some of the rare dishes.

Speedrunners are yet to agree on whether use of the Amiibo will be included in the credits.

Whatever it is, the best ever quick-cooking result for all the dishes in Breath of the Wild is 5 hours, 56 minutes and 50 seconds. Record still Behind a speedrunner named MintLightning.

love is bad

Stardew Valley is a pixel farming simulation with a strong focus on the story. In this game you have to grow various fruits and vegetables, start and care for pets, etc. Between this routine, the player gets the opportunity to build a personal life by getting to know the inhabitants of a neighboring village.

Basically, Stardew Valley has no end. You can farm as much as you want. However, there are several story stages that are key to the game. One of them is a wedding with a bachelor or bachelor from a neighboring town.

Speedrunners took advantage of this mechanic and made the quick marriage one of the Stardew Valley game categories.

To get married, the player needs to get the maximum number of friendship points with a suitable character. To do this, you need to communicate with them and give them gifts. In total there are 12 people in the game: six boys and six girls each. Everyone has their own temperament and gift preferences.

The quickest way to maximize the relationship is with Shane, a local drunk and lazy.

The truth is, Shane is pretty unpretentious when it comes to gifts. For example, one of his favorite items that gives the most friendship points when gifted is parsnips. The character loves him as much as he loves beer. However, unlike beer, parsnip does not need to be bought – they can be grown. Also, parsnip ripens faster than other vegetables that players use willingly.

So the fast runners in Stardew Valley basically just marry Shane. Fastest ever in this challenge deal with Actor under the pseudonym MrPop1. He seduced the drunk in 48 minutes 56 seconds, almost half a minute faster than the second-placed player.

Speedrunning is a type of esports discipline where people quickly reach specific goals in single player video games. Usually the main goal is to progress quickly through the game from the title screen to the end credits, but often players have other goals in front of them, which leads to some very awkward sprint categories. socialbites.ca decided to talk about the most unusual.

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