The vastness of toxic people

first thing in the morning and The spinning lesson ends. One of the students gets angry. He spent fifty minutes groaning, nodding and shaking. He does not like music or the demand for higher education. He is so upset that he stops at the boss’s office to scold him. In almost all his sentences, an omnipotent expression oozes: “I deserve what I give …”. A colleague says your attitude spoiled the whole session. Interfering with mimics disturbed us and managed to create a general feeling of discomfort. Four screams and a few insults. The toxic person has achieved one of their goals: to spread their bad feelings.

i’m at the cinema The boy in the front is eating popcorn. He does it in the most understated way a moviegoer eats popcorn. Does not dig or chew with its mouth open. One by one they go, but it’s clear that something has been heard. Every time he pops corn in his mouth, the woman next to me clicks his tongue. Since I am aware of the upcoming attack, I do not listen to the dialogues much. I sense that the cortisol of the audience next to me is expanding. The boy must have noticed the murderous look on his neck because he is rubbing and massaging his neck. My neighbor doesn’t just click anymore, he also bounces lightly on the sofa every time he enters. Finally she taps him on the shoulder a few times and yells at him to stop making throaty noises. A “Shhhhhhh” sound is heard from the opposite side. He responds with a louder “SSSSHHH”. The boy politely defends himself and continues in the same way. The woman is looking for my complicity with her eyes and I reply that it doesn’t bother me. Actually, I’m about to go and get a box to calm my anxiety. The toxic person again managed to spread his bad feelings, but could not impose his criteria.. goodness

we all know person who complains about restraint when the waiter forgets to bring his drink late to serve your wine or plate. Likewise, when you invite him over to your house for dinner, he’ll think you’re short on salt or go too far with cucumber. It is usually the person who always gets angry at his job and the way the boss does things, but never proposes a positive change. Despite wearing a horrified face, she likes to say that Menganito is in poor health and that Zutanita is leaving. He will never tell you that things are going well for him, and he will never ask you about your life or your family. In reality, beyond his personality, he doesn’t care about anyone. It is the center of the universe. The person with the loudest neighbors bears the greatest pressure, suffers the consequences of the heat more than anyone else, and is worsened by the lack of education in today’s society.

Toxic human waves are wide and powerful. To face them, you must acquire a defensive shield. I have the best spin teacher and I love popcorn. To start.

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