Network presented a hoverboard you can’t ride 09:24

Kickstarter is raising funds for a Flyte skateboard that can float above the ground. The portal drew attention to this. Hi-Tech Mail.Ru.

A startup from New York presents the Flyte as a kind of work of art – the board has no wheels and rises above a custom stand thanks to a magnetic coil. The hoverboard is made of aluminum.

But Flyte will disappoint fans of extreme sports and the latest technology – it will not be possible to drive it, it has a purely decorative function.

“This jewelery is the perfect combination of art and technology and is guaranteed to add a touch of magic to your life. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see a real hoverboard hovering through the air? And you know what’s the coolest thing? You don’t even need to be a wizard to do it!” – says the device’s description.

The cost of Flyte is 1799 dollars (about 137 thousand rubles).

Formerly we talked about itHuawei introduced the TalkBand B7 smartwatch with a built-in headset.

Source: Gazeta


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