Man planned to freeze himself and family in freezer for “future life” 14:23

Dennis Kowalski, 54, a Milwaukee resident and head of the US Cryonics Institute, spoke of a plan to freeze himself and his family members with liquid nitrogen in hopes of “future resurrection.” He said this in an interview business insider.

“From my point of view, once the heart stopped, it couldn’t be worked. It has become commonplace today,” he explained his view on the possibilities of cryonics.

According to Kowalski, each of his family members, including himself, will pay $28,000 for this service, which will be provided to them after they die. “You lose nothing by keeping your body after you die, but you potentially gain everything,” he said.

He said that his wife and three children do not deal with cryonics, but are also customers of his company. “They agree that the chance to wake up, no matter how small, is worth it. They’re also pretty optimistic about the future,” the man assured.

At the same time, Kowalski realized that he had not persuaded his mother to freeze in a cryo chamber. “He wanted to be buried next to his father, and I will fulfill his dying wish,” the head of the institution said.

He declared that he was not afraid of death. “I just want to see the future. The desire of the little boy in me. I realize this won’t work, but it’s worth a try, right? Kowalski concluded.

Earlier it was reported that the development of the next technological paradigm has begun. to be In 2028, the pandemic has pushed deadlines two years earlier, according to scientists from the School of Economics. We are talking about radical changes in the social field and in medicine based on new technologies.

Source: Gazeta


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