The government refused to ban IT specialists from leaving Russia

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko said that the government will not prohibit IT specialists from leaving the country. This was reported to in the press service of the Deputy Head of the Cabinet.

“I responsibly declare that the government will not impose any ban on the overseas travel of IT professionals,” he said.

According to Chernyshenko, the Cabinet of Ministers plans to support and develop the field of information technology and its specialists, rejecting the need to impose any restrictions and bans.

“Any IT professional can work for a foreign company from anywhere in the world if he wants to,” said the Deputy Prime Minister. He added that IT specialists will be able to find valuable applications of their competence in Russia.

Earlier, the company Concord announced the development of a bill that would prohibit the free departure of IT specialists from Russia and establish the need to coordinate employment in foreign companies. The purpose of the initiative was “protection of the strategic interests of Russia”.

against the bill spoke at the Ministry of Digital Development. The department is confident that such measures could lead to an increase in the output of IT professionals.

Source: Gazeta


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