Kalyagin spoke about the departure of Khamatova from Russia

Head of the Union of Theater Workers Alexander Kalyagin praised the departure of actress Chulpan Khamatova from Russia.

He remembered that actors tend to be emotional people. “It’s really the only way I can justify it. But in general, it’s indecent to leave the country when the country is going through tough times and maybe when it needs you the most. I won’t scold and scold anyone, I’ll hang tags, it’s Khamatova’s personal thing. But … it’s inappropriate, ”Kalyagin quotes DEA News”.

Kalyagin explained that he meant conscience and principles that must be observed, and could not find any other words. “People who do not understand, but immediately decide out loud … This is reckless. Remember that your decision affects people and fans, it’s a big responsibility. You need to choose words and sentences so that the audience does not disappoint you in the future. Even the judge takes time to decide,” said Kalyagin.

Earlier, Khamatova admitted that she left Russia and lives in Latvia, where she is already. suggested new business.

Source: Gazeta


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