An IT billionaire’s workweek told at 8:02 PM

Alex Karp, CEO of US tech company Palantir, is a fitness freak and even exercises for a few hours on weekdays. It has been reported axis.

The 55-year-old head of an IT company told the publication that his body fat percentage is 7%. According to him, this is because he devotes at least five hours each week to cross-country skiing. “I train frequently in the countryside near my home in New Hampshire,” he said.

Karp realized that fitness focuses on distance, not speed, and learned this from athletes in Norway, as the billionaire claims. “To run like a deer, you have to spend 90% of your time running like a snail. This approach lays a strong foundation for physical education,” the businessman added.

The entrepreneur also said that he does tai chi and stretches every day and always has swimming goggles in his office. Axios also stated that Karp came to the meeting in ski clothes.

According to Karp, she doesn’t follow a strict diet but has cut sugar out of her daily life. “If I have a special occasion, I eat candy. Billionaire, if I’m traveling and someone has a really good Danish chocolate cake, then I enjoy every minute of eating it,” the billionaire admitted.

It was previously reported that the Chinese billionaire and founder of technology company Alibaba, Jack Ma. Found in Hong Kongwhere he comes for negotiations with the heads of the largest financial companies in the region.

Source: Gazeta


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