Hundreds of protesters gather in Peru before a television station was attacked in 2022

Hundreds of protesters from different regions Peru It met this Thursday in front of the América Televisión network’s headquarters in Lima.He was protected by a group of National Police agents after his attack last December.

Citizens carried flags and banners He states that they come from the southern districts of Puno and Arequipa, and from various districts of Lima.

Although most of them chanted some slogans. stood peacefully in front of the chainAfter half an hour of concentration, they continued their movement through the streets near the historic center of Lima.

Protesters also reached the street of Arequipa, one of the most important streets of the Peruvian capital. headquarters of the local channel Panamericana Televisión.

Unexpected presence in the area caused concern among members of local chainsOn 12 December, he was attacked with stones by a group of vandals participating in an anti-government protest.

Demanding the resignation of President Dina Boluarte and the closure of Congress, the attackers attacked the headquarters of América Televisión and Canal N, as well as Panamericana Televisión occupying the same building, and a car from the Exitosa radio station. .

In the American case, they threw stones and blunt objects that damaged several windows and part of the building’s infrastructure.

The National Association of Journalists (ANP) condemned the attack and noted: “The right to protest cannot support these acts of vandalism that undermine it”.

In the anti-government demonstrations in which 65 people lost their lives since December, slogans were frequently chanted against the press, accused of “for the strong” and “lying”, and even reported harassment and attacks against journalists.

Reporters were also victims of police crackdown on demonstrationsbecause during the demonstrations that took place in different parts of the country, many people were injured by bullets and the blows of agents.

Source: Informacion


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