Passenger of plane found a wallet using a tool 19:15

American Airlines passenger John Lewis forgot his wallet on the plane, but later managed to locate it using an Apple device inside. It has been reported People.

According to Lewis, he kept an Apple AirTag keychain in his wallet, which allowed him to constantly track his location in real time. An American man forgot his wallet on the plane after he missed his connecting flight due to an hour’s delay on his first flight.

“The airline said they couldn’t find the wallet. I can keep track of my wallet and it’s still on the plane and has traveled to over 35 cities since then.”

He added that he had contacted the airline several times but insisted that they never found his personal belongings.

“They said they cleaned the plane well, but how can you clean the plane well when the wallet is still on the plane and I don’t understand?” Lewis was enraged. So far, the passenger has not confirmed that American Airlines gave him a wallet.

Formerly veterinarians He insisted Use the Apple AirTag with extreme caution to track dogs, as pets may swallow the device.

Source: Gazeta


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