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Doctors find how many cups of coffee a day can double the risk of death in hypertensive patients 11:06

Scientists from Osaka University found that drinking more than one cup of coffee a day can double the risk of death from cardiovascular disease in hypertension. Research published Journal of...

Doctors find that taking a hot bath in the evening reduces the risk of hypertension in Japanese 19:27

Bathing in a hot spring in the evening improves the cardiovascular health of the Japanese. Reported by Kyushu University.The city of Beppu, on Kyushu's northeast coast, has many onsen -...

Geneticist Borinskaya talks about how genes affect the risk of becoming an alcoholic 13:06

The contribution of heredity to the risk of developing alcoholism is generally estimated to be 40-60%, but in each case the influence of genes and environment will be individual. In...