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Floating plastic debris allowed coastal marine animals to live in the open sea 21:29

Coastal marine animals have colonized the open sea and settled in plastic debris. In this respect informs University of Hawaii at Manoa.Plastic pollution is one of the most serious environmental...

Designer Golub recommends avoiding open shelves in small apartments 17:08

Open shelves should not be installed when decorating a space in a small studio. This was reported to socialbites.ca by Hoff interior design specialist Julia Golub.“Open shelves should be avoided,...

The headman of the village of the Kursk region offered to “open a shawarma” to get rid of the stray dogs 19:17

Alexander Tutochkin, headman of the village of Karl Liebknecht in the Kursk region, responded to a local resident's complaint about stray dogs with a proposal to open a business selling shawarma....