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The governor of the Murmansk region said when the port of Lavna is planned to open 18:20

Murmansk region Governor Andrei Chibis, through a video conference, invited the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to the opening of the Lavna port in the Murmansk region in August...

Middle East Map: 10 open conflicts

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It has become easier for Russians to open bank accounts in Kazakhstan 16:09

Kazakhstan has simplified the process of opening a bank account for Russians. Starting from April 13, citizens of the Russian Federation will be able to obtain IIN from Kazakhstan embassies...

The exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the poet’s muse Zoya Boguslavskaya will open at the Voznesensky Center 15:16

On April 16, the Voznesensky Center in Moscow will open the anniversary exhibition "Always Zoya". Exhibition novel." The press service of the exhibition reported this to socialbites.ca. Honored Worker of Culture...