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There will be a suicidal finishing move in Mortal Kombat 1 21:03

Mortal Kombat 1's online mods will feature a special finishing move called Quitality that was first introduced in the series with the release of Mortal Kombat X. informs DTF Portal.Quitality is...

The producer of the movie “Mortal Kombat 2” showed a photo with the cast of the 18:11 tape.

Mortal Kombat 2 producer Todd Garner released twitter photo with the actors of the movie. The picture shows Jessica McNamee, Mekhad Brooks, Ludi Lin, Karl Urban and...

Mortal Kombat fans offered to test the game for money13:33

Those who have access to the limited Mortal Kombat 1 stress test have started selling their codes at very high prices, informs GameRant Portal. In the early days of testing,...