“It will definitely be my last World Cup in Qatar”declaration Leo Messi. The captain of the Argentina National Team surprised all football fans with the statements he made in this way. “I feel good physically, I was able to do a very good pre-season this year because of how everything was, I started training late, I played without rhythm, the tournament started, then I left. When I came back to the national team, I got injured and could not finish the start,” said the player. He also explained his physical condition. But despite his good moments with PSG, He was clear about his future in the national team.

The Argentine star’s World Cup pending account and Qatar World Cup history if his statements are fulfilled It will be his last chance to touch the victory with Argentina. However, it won’t be easy. The historic Barcelona player has been cautious about Argentina’s chances in Qatar. Messi doesn’t think Albiceleste is the favorite to become world champion: “There are other teams that are above”, Leo commented. We came at a very good time, as with everything, with a very armed and very strong group, but in a World Cup anything can happen. All matches are very difficult, so a World Cup is very special because the favorites are not always the winners or the ones who make the expected path,” he added.

Messi and Argentina will face Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland in Group C of the World Cup. Having scored six goals in World Cups, Leo confirmed his willingness to qualify for his fifth World Cup, with the latter Argentina winning 2-1 on the final day of the 2018 Russia group stage against Nigeria. “I’m counting down the days for the World Cup, the truth is there’s a little bit of anxiety wanting it to happen now and nerves to say we’re glad we are.what will it be, the last one, how will it go and yes, on the one hand we can’t wait for it to come and we want it to go well for us”, the Argentinian was honest.