The new Rugby La Vila project begins. The team that Iggy coaches makes its debut this Sunday at the grooming of Amaro Aparedores de Burgos (12:00 pm, Altamira Stadium), a match that will serve to gauge the potential of the Alicante team, which is much more renewed than last season. La Vila presents a project with more young players than ever before, but it has been reinforced by a few players from New Zealand, although not all of them will be in this first game. this Men’s Rugby Honors Division reopening its doors with its new issue this weekend, number 55 onexceptionally will have 13 teams Then Delegate Commission approve your proposal Spanish Rugby Federation Board of Directors (FER) to reintroduce Intxausti Group Gernika RT in the elite of the national oval.

Return to highest category Pozuelo Rugby Union and the same debut of the Asturians Pasek Belenos it will be big news a championship to premiere in the format after completing their first round, where they will face off for thirteen days. CP Les Abelles and CR La Vila, Like Grupo Intxausti Gernika RT and the recently introduced Pozuelo RU and Pasek Belenos, they will try to consolidate their projects into the top category after a season full of irregularities.